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Księgarnia Akademicka has been active on the publishing market since 1992, publishing ca. 100 titles each year: monographs, joint publications of studies, selections of documents, periodicals, dictionaries as well as editions of literary works and pieces of opinion journalism.

Located at the heart of Kraków and at the heart of Kraków’s academic community (in the direct vicinity of the Jagiellonian University), Księgarnia Akademicka specialises especially in the domain of scholarly publications. It publishes books by professors, doctoral and postdoctoral dissertations, selected MA theses, materials of scholarly sessions, commemorative books, specialist periodicals as well as various kinds of research works, especially ones that represent the domain of broadly conceived humanities (inter alia archeology, bibliology, history, theatrology, history of art, ethnology, cultural studies, literary studies, philology, linguistics, translation studies) as well as legal studies (the law, administration, management), political studies (political science, international relations), social sciences (sociology, media studies), strict sciences (economy, information technology) and medical sciences. This is possible thanks to the team of specialists representing various branches of scholarship who collaborate with Księgarnia Akademicka. The researchers of the Kraków institutions of higher education (the Jagiellonian University, the Pontifical University of John Paul II, the Pedagogical University in Kraków, Kraków University of Economics and the Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Kraków University) and the specialists from other scholarly and cultural institutions of Kraków (the Jagiellonian Library, the Centre for Documentation of the Independence Action Foundation, the Czartoryski Library, the Institute of National Remembrance) are associated with Księgarnia Akademicka.

The Publisher strives to ensure that its publications meet the highest standards of scholarship, hence special attention is devoted to the scholarly apparatus of the research work and the indices. The Efforts are also made to ensure that the periodicals that are published receive highest evaluation in various types of lists of periodicals which receive points. The Publisher adheres to the most recent directives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and enhances along the way the whole editing process of the periodicals and series that are published. The publisher also applies for the subsidies of scholarly publications which represent the strategies of state or university funds.

Being aware of the rapid development of scholarship on the electronic platform, since 2011 Księgarnia Akademicka has been also implementing the electronic publishing scheme which functions alongside the traditional one. An effort has been made to ensure the possibility of ascribing a DOI number to the work that is published, to include new publications in well-known European and non-European data bases and to distribute them in the form of electronic books. The publishing process also involves an anti-plagiarism and ghostwriting prevention procedure which ensures the protection of the author’s rights.

The experience of many years in the department of scholarly publications and the openness to the opportunities furnished by modern technology ensures the highest quality of our services.

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