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1. Select the title that you would like to buy.

2. Press the ADD TO CART button next to the item that you would like to buy.


3. If you desire to select further items, click the CONTINUE button and repeat the activities mentioned in Item No. 1 and No. 2.


4. When you are done selecting the items that you would like to buy, click the CART button at the right-hand side.


5. If you put multiple items to the CART, click the UPDATE ORDER TOTAL button, and then click the CHECKOUT button. A form concerning the data necessary to ship your order (your address etc.) will be displayed. If the shipping address is different from the invoice address, please click on the checkbox below the form. Then a window will be displayed in which you are to provide the appropriate data. After you enter all the necessary information and you make sure that the data that you entered is correct, click the CONTINUE button.



6. Select the appropriate mode of payment (payment by money transfer or PayU money e-transfer) and the mode of shipment (OPEK delivery service, Poczta Polska [Polish Post] or that you will pick up the desired items personally at out bookstore) in the window that will appear, and then click the CONTINUE button.


7. Then a window that contains all the data concerning your order, your address and the information concerning the payment due will appear. When you make sure that all the data has been entered correctly, click the SUBMIT button.


8. After the order has been submitted, an e-mail message will be sent to the address that you provided about the activation of the order and the message will also contain an activating link.


9. After you confirm your order, if you selected the cash-on-delivery option, the book will be shipped to the address that was provided by you. In order to receive the book, you need to make the exact payment to the postman or the delivery service person. If you selected the money transfer option or the debit card payment option (through PayU), you will receive an e-mail message which will contain detailed instructions concerning the electronic payment. If you selected the option that you will pick up the book yourself, the book will by waiting for you for a week at the cash register in the bookstore at ul. œw. Anny 6 in Kraków.




When you order books through the internet you need to be aware that the items that are displayed may not be in stock at the time that you make an order (the website is updated multiple times daily). Should such a case arise, the bookstore will notify the costumer about the status of the order.


Please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of using our bookstore before you make an order.


Enjoy your shopping.


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