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Robert Kłosowicz
Editor’s Preface

Peter Skalník
African Studies in the Other Europe: A Legitimate Perspective on Africa

Arkadiusz Żukowski
The Union of South Africa towards the outbreak of the Second World War

Robert Kłosowicz
Central African Republic: portrait of a collapsed state after the last rebellion

Krzysztof Trzciński
How Theoretically Opposite Models of Interethnic Power‑Sharing Can Complement Each Other and Contribute to Political Stabilization: The Case of Nigeria

Wiesław Lizak
Peace Operations in the Activity of the Organisation of African Unity and the African Union

Andrzej Polus
Polish‑Sub‑Saharan African economic and political relations after 1989

István Tarrósy, Zoltán Vörös
Education and Development in the Sino‑African Context of Relations. The Cases of Tanzania and Sudan

Katarzyna Kołodziejczyk
EPA as a Tool for the Development of Sub‑Saharan Countries. Does it Work ?

Joanna Bar
The problem of Islamic terrorism in Kenya in terms of regional security in East Africa

Stanisław Kosmynka
The Role of Moroccan Salafist Radicalism in Creating a Threat to Spain ’s Security

Renata Czekalska, Agnieszka Kuczkiewicz‑Fraś
From Africans in India to African Indians

Kateřina Rudincová
Ethiopian foreign policy in the Horn of Africa: Informal relations with Somaliland and their possible future development

Ewa Szczepankiewicz-Rudzka
Patterns of Libya’s instability in the aftermath of the collapse of Gaddafi ’s regime

Łukasz Jakubiak
The systems of government of Senegal and Ivory Coast. Comparative analysis

Joanna Mormul
Ethio‑Djiboutian Relations in the 21st century – towards New African Cooperation

Klaudia Wilk-Mhagama
Faith‑based organizations and the state. The challenges of development in Tanzania

Krzysztof Tlałka
Between high hopes and moderate results – a decade of the African Peace and Security Architecture

Hubert Dudkiewicz
The African contribution to the penalization of war crimes of sexual nature

Marta Antosz
Dad dad buu dugsadaa dugaagna geed – the Somali diaspora in the United States and their impact on the American domestic, social and security situation

Monika Różalska
Between tradition and modernity – the role of chiefs in the national development and local governance in Ghana

Piotr Szafruga
Is the state necessary? The case of Somali Economy

Olga Kwiatkowska
The influenc e of the crisis in the Republic of Mali on the political situation of the Sahel